Why study law?

Law is rules of morality, ethics and common sense codified

In the olden days, the kings administered justice through their appointees, and neither the king nor his appointees were professionally trained for this conception. Nevertheless, peace prevailed, as the subjects of the king were law abiding and peace loving. Times have changed and we live in a complex era where peaceful co-existence of diversified population is made possible only by the enactment of various laws. At present, almost all human activities are governed by one law or the other. In India “rule of law” is a basic feature of the Constitution and all citizens are required to be aware of their rights and duties. The various laws enacted must be put into action and social justice delivered only through professionals well instructed and well versed in law. Lawyers play a significant role in the present arena in effective administration of justice.

Legal profession is regarded as a noble and elite profession and a legal degree is a compulsory requirement for practicing law in India. Proper legal education in colleges imparts sound knowledge to the students, and a successful lawyer must be armed with competence also. Knowledge is awareness of rules whereas professional competence is the skilled application of knowledge to solve legal issues. An efficient lawyer must be equipped with skills in negotiation, counseling, mediation, articulation, drafting, communication and advocacy.

Law course offered

5 year B. A. LL. B integrated Course

The college offers B.L Degree course in two streams: One for the students who have passed the higher secondary +2 level examination after 12 years of schooling. This course is called 5 year integrated B.A.LL.B Degree programme. First two year duration is called as pre-law Degree programme. During these two years students are being prepared with literary English, Legal English other social science subjects like Political Science – Public Administration, Economics and Sociology. Though it is called pre-law, it is only during this period the students are shaped with intensive orientation in basic law subjects, to get themselves prepared for a proper understanding and grasp over the substantive and procedural laws which they are to take up in the rest of 3 years of the course.

3 year LL. B Degree Based Course

The other stream is meant for students who have passed any of the Degrees like B.A, B.Com, B.Sc, or even masters Degree from any of the Tamil Nadu or other Indian universities recognized by U.G.C. The B.L. Degree programme extends for 3 years only and they straight away enter into the experience of learning the substantive laws like Criminal Law, Contract Law, Property Law and procedural Laws like Civil Procedure Code, Criminal procedure code and Evidence Act etc.