Our Alumni

The college stands proud to be the alma mater for almost 35% of leading legal practitioners in Tamil Nadu, and it is quite rewarding when they gladly form an alumni association. Our alumni hold meetings at regular intervals and support one another personally and professionally in many ways.

Our college has strong connections with its former students and keeps their contacts periodically updated, which is circulated among all students. Our former students include many District judges, nearly 30% of the present strength of the Subordinate Judicial Officers at the level of Sub-judges and District Munsiff, Members of Parliament [M.P], Members of Legislative Assembly [M.L.A], I.P.S and I.A.S officers and distinguished legal practitioners right from district courts to the Supreme Court. It is also a great matter of pride to us that in the 183 judicial centres of Tamil Nadu nearly 25 to 45% of the regularly practicing advocates are alumni of The Central Law College, Salem.

Other than the legal profession, our students have also found their calling in various other corporate jobs that demand a graduation in law.

Mr. K. R. P. Prabhakaran

1996 - 2001 Batch, Member of Parliament, Lok Sabha, Tirunelveli Constituency (2014 - 2019).

My legal qualification was one of the basic reasons to be a Member of Parliament and it is because of this college I became a law graduate, I always have a special affinity for this college the special feature of this college is that it attracted students from all parts of Tamilnadu.

Mr. V. Alagirisamy

1992 - 1995 Batch, Advocate, Former Member of Parliament, Srivilliputhur Constitutency (1996 - 1998).

The college is situated in a residential area at the foothill of Yercaud. It is not necessary that one should have studied in one of the Law Universities or Colleges of Excellence in other states. This college equips its students with all the tricks of the trade and shapes its students as qualified and efficient lawyers. Many of the leading advocates in all the parts of this state are from this college only. The students of this college have been trained to professionally. Lawyer is the only person who is competent to cure the various ills afflicting the society and the team of efficient lecturers had produced many advocates of high eminence. The future generation should also benefit by this college as this college provides good prospects for them.

Mr. S. R. Parthiban

1999 - 2002 Batch, Member of Legislative Assembly, Mettur Legislative Assembly Constituency, (2011 - 2016).

This college provided the students with a good opportunity and they made proper use of it. My life would have taken a different turn if I had he not joined this college. Legal qualification commands respect among the officials and society. This college has paved the way for becoming a lawyer, which has assured my enviable social status. Prof. R.V Dhanapalan took personal interest in all the students and they taught to lead our life in the proper way. This college offers good education at very nominal fees and thus it is a gift to the society and the student community.

Mr. S. Panneer Selvam, IPS

1988 - 1991 Batch, Deputy Commissioner of Police, (Traffic), Chennai West Zone.

I feel proud to be the alumni of The Central Law College, Salem and one more advantage is that I was the first batch of The Central Law College and I studied under the auspicious Principal Prof R.V. Dhanapalan and we learnt beyond the law, the discipline and the endurance in withstanding any situation. Now I am sitting as IPS officer is an achievement and lessons which were inculcated in the minds of all the students of Law by The Central Law College and whoever studied in The Central Law College during my batch were elevated and were well placed in the society. I wish The Central Law College to go long further and create so many eminence from The Central Law College, Salem.

K.R.R. Iyyappamani

1995 - 2000 Batch, Member of Bar Council of Tamilnadu & Pondicherry, Public Prosecutor - Essential Commodity Cases - Salem District, Former Member Senate & Syndicate - Tamil Nadu Dr. Ambedkar Law University.

It is a golden opportunity to introduce the pride of The Central Law College Salem. Our Principal Prof. R.V. Dhanapalan who taught me Constitutional Law said that 'a Criminal Practitioner should know 4 important Laws (i.e.) 1. Indian Penal Code 2. Constitutional Law 3. Criminal Procedure Code 4. Evidence Act', which I have been following consistently. As one of the Inspection Committee Member and I happened to visit The Central Law College and I was able to note that the entire college has got well equipped hi-tech facilities to the Law Students.

Mr. K. Senthilkumar

1992 - 1997 Batch, Managing Attorney, Murthy Immigration, Chennai.

This is the best college for studying Law in Tamil Nadu. I am a product of this college graduated in 1997 and back then I did not even go through my text book because the lectures were so good that I just have to take some notes for the examination that is what I did for the five years I studied there. These days education has become more commercial even for a kinder garden study you need to pay several lakhs for admission. The Central Law College has kept education reachable for that the masses thanks to Prof. R.V. Dhanapalan and The Central Law College and I am sure Mr. D. Saravanan, Secretary under whose leadership they are going to take this to next level. This is one of the best place to study Law in Tamil Nadu. This college has equipped me well with the confidence with which I am able to handle things because of the base this Law College has given me. Lots of career is available in Law, Law is not just going to court and just practicing, it has several areas of branch of Law which one can specialize in and I am sure to go the base that one get from this college will make sure that they will shine in any branch.

Mr. C. Jagdish

1992 - 1997 Batch, Advocate, Madras High Court.

The motto of the institution is discipline and the discipline has been imbibed into every student who passed out in The Central Law College, Salem and the credit goes to Prof. R.V. Dhanapalan who has been chairing the institution and followed by Mr. D. Saravanan who is also a practicing Advocate in Madras High Court in fact today we are proud to announce that more than 1/3rd of the subordinate judiciary is manned by the students who passed out from The Central Law College they are presiding almost in every district and every courts as on date.

Mr.Kanni devan

2001 - 2004 Batch, Government Advocate (Criminal side), High Court of Madras Madurai Bench.

The name The Central Law College very aptly fits to this College as the students joined here were from all parts of Tamil Nadu. I got an opportunity to learn different cultures of people who studied here. It was a cultural fusion. I learnt the real lessons of life during my period of study which will always be useful for my professional career. I have professional contacts all over Tamil Nadu it's only because of this The Central Law College.

Mr. A. Arivuchandran

1991 - 1996 Batch, Advocate, Madras High Court, Madurai Bench, Legal Advisor, V.O.C.Port Trust, Tutucorin.

I would not been an advocate unless I got an opportunity to study in The Central Law College, Salem. If I am in this position today is only because of my education and discipline that I learnt from this College. The teachings were so good in this College.

Mr. Gokulakrishnan

1991 - 1996 Batch, Principal District Munsiff Judge, Bhavani.

When I entered the college I never realized that this college would be the mentor of my life. I am happy and grateful that I had been given an opportunity to thank my Alma Mater.